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Professional Electrical Services: Powering Your Home and Business with Reliable, Efficient Wiring Solutions. Custom installations, repairs, replacements, or whole system rewiring. 

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Electrical installation services & wiring services

Upgrading your home or businesses wiring and systems safely & economically

If you find yourself searching “Electrician near me” or “Electrical service near me”, you’re probably experiencing an electrical issue of some kind at home or at your business. Likely, it could be something to do with your wiring. Our team of licensed electricians is ready to inspect your electrical situation and offer service recommendations that fit your budget and requirements. We pride ourselves on transparent pricing, meaning the estimate we give is what you pay, without any hidden fees or surprises.

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Wiring services we offer:

Electrical wiring involves the installation of electrical cables and associated devices such as circuit boards, switches, sockets, outlets, ceiling fans, and lighting fixtures.

Rewiring services:

As modern households and buildings rely on an increasing number of electrical devices, updating and maintaining electrical wiring becomes essential. Parra Electric is ready to assist with adapting to higher power demands, renewing outdated systems, or ensuring compliance with local codes. Our licensed electricians near you can rewire any home safely and efficiently.

Whole house rewiring:

Rewiring an entire house is a significant project with lasting benefits, including protection against electrical fires, safeguarding appliances from surges, and ensuring your home meets current codes. This can also increase your property’s value significantly.

Hot tub & pool rewiring:

Hot tub or pool rewiring can be tricky and dangerous, our licensed electricians can handle any type hot tub or pool rewiring like the following: Hot tub and pool lighting and system wiring, Controller wiring, pump wiring.

Switches & outlet installation:

Parra Electric can install or upgrade electrical switches and outlets for new appliances or renovations. Modern, reliable outlets make your home or business safer. We specialize in installing GFCI outlets in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens, as mandated by the National Electrical Code, to prevent electric shock.

Benefits of professional electrical & wiring installations:

Professional wiring helps prevent structure fires, increases your home or businesses power capacity, ensures compliance with electrical codes, manages power surges, and prevents malfunctions.

Decorative and Stylish Lighting: Choose from various lighting options to beautify your home and outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Lighting: Transform your outdoor area with new lighting for aesthetics and safety.

Ceiling Fan Installation: Let us handle the complex installation of ceiling fans to avoid hazards and ensure functionality.

Enhanced Entertainment Systems: Our technicians can wire your home to support large entertainment systems without compromising aesthetics.

Garage Functionality: We can add outlets and lighting to facilitate your garage activities.

Solar Power and Electric Car Charging Upgrades: Transition to solar power for sustainability or upgrade your electrical system for efficient electric vehicle charging, following local and national codes.

Choose Parra Electric for your electrical needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with professional, reliable service.

To schedule a visit from our team, call Parra Electric!  –  (610) 358-3991